Saturday 29/05/21 St. Michael & All Angels, Llantarnam, Cwmbran in the Principality of Wales Sunday 17/10/21 at 12.00pm Holy Trinity, Rothwell, Northamptonshire.
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Chev. Alderman John Garbutt, KGOTJ, Grand Chancellor of the Grand Priory of England, was appointed by the Queen's Royal Warrant to be High Sheriff of Greater London with effect from his Swearing-In on 2nd April, 2020. Because of the pandemic restrictions, instead of occurring at the Royal Courts of Justice as would normally be the case, John declared his Oath by video conference (the first time ever) from home, in front of the Lord Chief Justice, the Queen's Remembrancer and other senior High Court Judges from the Royal Courts who were also at their homes. In this role, his remit will cover the RCJ itself, all Crown Courts around London (with the exception of the Old Bailey), plus the prisons, Metropolitan Police, and most other aspects of the Judicial system across Greater London."
To enable members and the Order to plan ahead effectively, we have decided to fix our dates of investiture to the Saturday closest to 24th May in each year, being the anniversary of the death of Hugues de Payen, our first Grand Master, and to the Saturday immediately after 13th October, which is Templar Remembrance Day, commemmorating when in 1307 the Templars were arrested.
Grand Prior, Chev. Paul Grant is appointed as Ambassadeur Délègue and as the Grand Master’s appointed representative he is authorised to work across all borders in the United Kingdom. THE GRAND PRIOR CONGRATULATES THE FOLLOWING ON THEIR APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS. Chev. Sir Robert Worcester is appointed as Seneschal with immediate effect and will take his place on the Magisterium. Chev. Warren Cruickshank is appointed as Commander of the South with immediate effect Chev. Michael Fisher is appointed as Commander of the North with immediate effect. Chev. Warren Cruickshank is promoted to Knight Commander with immediate effect. Chev. Michael Fisher is promoted to Knight Commander with immediate effect.