The Grand Priory of England of the Knights Templar is an integral part of an International Christian Chivalric Order, that can trace its heritage back over 900 years. We are the only officially recognised Grand Priory of the Order in and for England. We are part of a worldwide network of Knights Templar organisations within OSMTH actively promoting knowledge and understanding of Templar history, and we strive at all times to uphold the original Templar ideals of chivalry, faith and honour. Our members are dedicated to upholding traditional Christian values and virtues, the noble ideals of chivalry, charitable works and the preservation of the monuments, archives, history and heritage of the Templars.
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Heavenly Father, our nation cries out to you in pain and fear. Guide us with your loving hand and help us see through this time of trial and torment. Give aid to the afflicted, feed the hungry and calm the fearful with the assurance of your mercy, protection and love, for you are one God, creator, redeemer and sustainer of all, now and forever. Amen.